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GREAT way to get more customers + free template

Last post I gave you an extremely powerful tool to Reach out to your customers by email  It was a template for an email you could copy to help build trust with your customers.

This goes far in developing a loyal fan base who will pay your prices you need to sustain your business.

I got lots of thank you emails from those of you who were going to give it a try… but I wasn’t just giving it out for one-time fun.  Even though that one email is a great start to building trust, you will want to continue relationship building by doing the following.

Pull up one or two of your favorite responses to that email and let’s take it another step further.

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This week I encourage you to write a newsletter email to your list or a blog post if you do that.   Or, whatever form of communication you use with your customers – maybe you do it all by Facebook or even a handout at the farmer’s market or wherever you sell you products.

(I encourage you to work towards an email list housed on Mailerlite, though, and blog posts on a brief website.  We teach you how to do both free right here:  Free Training )

In the email I proposed you asked them to reply to you and tell you the answer to your q you put in there – my q, for instance, was “what questions do you have about how our meat is raised?”

Take their q’s they responded with and write a short informative article.

Because if that customer has that question, chances are several others of your customers will also have the same question.  This way you are offering them a service – some education and some information that perhaps they need to know before they buy your product.

In order to write your response, feel free to download another free template from me:  The Perfect Blog Post Reply for Your Small Business

Your response by email or blog post does so many things!!

First of all, it has an effect on your customers or potential customers of them thinking you read their minds.  You’re offering an answer to a question they had but didn’t even ask yet!!  This naturally builds rapport with them and is trust-building.

Then, they see you have the answer and the solution!!

In my case, people are often wondering if eating the products we sell will heal their myriad diseases and discomforts.  So when I write a blog post explaining the science behind how eating a traditional foods diet heals this long list of diseases, they have a big “Aha” moment and realize I have the solution to their problems!!

Since the people on my list have received my regular communications they know I sell the solution and they trust me because they had the experience of me knowing what’s going on in their head.  They come buy my product, they feel better, I get to stay in business, and they tell all their friends.

See how this is working?!

So continue to put these two strategies together.  Send out regular thank you emails following the first template and craft a response to their replies filled with their questions following today’s template.  Put their responses in a separate file that you can refer to every time you want to write another informative email or blog post.

This relationship you have with them continues to deepen, they learn to trust you and realize you have the answers to their problems. And you stay in business and thrive with customers who love you!!

Thank you for reading!! Now it’s your turn — turn this insight into action by downloading the template and crafting a response to your customers.  You will notice sales increasing when you do this, if you follow this formula.

I LOVE sharing these strategies you can use to build your business and sell more of what you produce at the price you need to be a huge SUCCESS!!

Now, jump down to the comment section and tell me what question of your customer’s that you are going to answer in an email/blog post this week!!

Can’t wait to hear of your success!!  When you share, you help inspire others to try these proven techniques that are helping farmers around the world finally stop living in fear of having to give up their farm, and instead, make enough money to finally pay the bills and pay themselves!

Also, forward this to your farmer friends who need this info, too.  No better place to learn this stuff then from someone who has walked the talk, who is in the trenches and who has built a successful farm and is now sharing the process I used so that others can benefit.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading, sharing and most of all, committing to building a thriving business!



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  • Shawna January 26, 2016, 6:30 pm

    Hi Charlotte! Great stuff! I am getting ready to do just as you suggested…answer questions. Here’s the one I’m currently chewing on from an in-real-life customer: “Honestly, the cost of eating right is super frustrating. I struggle every single month between buying what I know we should eat and what we can afford to eat. How do you do it? ”

    That’s a BIG question, and one that I don’t think I can answer in one email. What do you think?, I have a whole list of solutions for this customer…solutions that I have personally lived. But my thought is to address ONE in this email, and that real food “hack” is to “Eat good meat, but less of it.” My How-To section will include: 1.) Make a plan for multiple meals with the same meat 2.) Use smaller portions of meat in each meal and 3.) Use the bones, fat and drippings to maximize flavor and nutrition. Then, I’m planning to share how I fed my family 3 delicious, healthy dinners with just one 4.5 pound pork shoulder roast.

    What do you think? Its tempting to just write out a big list of all my “How to eat real food on a budget” but this is a big issue for a lot of my customers and I think I need to make it more of a recurring theme when I write. Its an issue not because the actually can’t afford quality food, but because they need to adjust their expectations about what food should cost, and they need information about how to maximize how they use it.

    Feedback always appreciated!!

    • Charlotte January 26, 2016, 7:07 pm

      Shawna this is a great discussion to have here so all can benefit!!

      I get this all the time from people, too. And how to eat traditional foods affordably is a common theme throughout Facebook and social media and all kinds of blog posts.

      Since you asked what I think… from my marketing perspective this is a gold mine of great blog posts because if that once customer asked you then probably 80% of the rest of them are thinking it. You might even consider a theme for the whole year. “2016 – the year of learning how go feed my family traditional foods without going broke.” or whatever catchy theme you come up with! This could actually go viral.

      So I’m thinking off the top of my head quickly here and I’ll just jot some quick ideas.

      Post 1or the first month – mindset. Maybe you set the tone. That people who buy your food also have cell phones (typically one per family member over 10 yrs old, if that’s true.) They are also spending money in restaurants, on latte’s at $4 a shot, convenience foods, maybe even driving newer cars, going to the gym. (when I had to buy raw milk for 5 years before I got my cows we cut so many other frivolous things in our budget, including cable tv, gym membership (run around the block for free) and going out to movies in order to afford 8 gallons a week.)

      Also, another set of posts could talk about a real life situation where someone’s healthcare costs went way down after eating this way. I’m sure among your customer base you have all kinds. When we started drinking raw milk 10 years ago I soon realized that I was saving at least $100 a month on the otc meds I routinely purchased at the grocery store along with my food – allergy pills (EXPENSIVE!!) cold meds, cold meds for kids, nighttime cold meds, motrin, lozenges, you name it. Since starting to eat this way we have spent 1,000’s less per year on medical.

      Then a whole series of posts, like you said, on food prep. Taking one whole, pastured chicken and included the 3 recipes you use it for (or like you said, your pork shoulder) (could be one post or 3). I’d make it 3 posts one recipe per post ending with bone broth turned into soup for the last one!

      Our grass fed/grass finished hamburger is the cheapest beef (and pastured meat) option so I recommend that be a common ingredient in meals.

      And another part of the series can be what you touched on about eating less meat. I’m reading a super book right now outlining the diet of the Caucausus people where kefir was first found – you know, those people who live til 140 years old, riding horses and hauling firewood til the day they die?

      Their diet is the main reason they live so long. They eat kefir 3 x per day, (can be made from pasteurized milk, too, so cheaper) and lots of veg and fermented veg and meat is used like a condiment.

      You could totally blog on this every 2 weeks for a year!!

      There you go – my thoughts and feedback 🙂 Now I’m inspired to do this!!

      One thing – make sure your ideal customer would appreciate this, which it sounds like, but just test the waters.

      Love talking with you!!

  • Shawna January 26, 2016, 8:23 pm

    Wow am I ever glad I decided to comment! (And I just got up to pour myself a cup of kefir…because hey, why not live to 140!)

    Thank you so much for that! That is really confirming of what I’ve been wanting to do…to go with this theme for writing this year. I will still plan to throw in some inspirational and fun posts, because I know our customers love those, but this is my direction.

    I sometimes struggle with trying to do too much and be too broad, but I find it rarely serves, whether it be trying to do too many farming ventures at once, write about too many topics, or appeal to too broad a customer based. So maybe my personal theme this year needs to be “focus.”

    So thank you so much for the focused brainstorming. This is great. I’m off to work on my editorial calendar and make a road map for the year.

    • Charlotte January 26, 2016, 8:35 pm

      In marketing “specific” sells better than general, and super-specific sells even more.

      Your customers want to hear super-specific things from you. I always have a hard time putting that in practice, too, and I have to constantly edit out all the extras I want to share to make sure it’s super-specific.

      But, it works every time!

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