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Free Training #1: Get More Customers with Email Marketing

A free, 6 day training course

You’re a farm gal just like me. I don’t have to tell that you have to sell something to stay in business. Yet I hear you struggle with how to do that all the time. I hear you say…

  • I can’t find enough customers
  • where do I start marketing my products?
  • how do I find buyers who will pay my price?
  • Social media? Help!

Get the customers you need with this free course

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Free Training #2: How to Create your own Website

A free library of how-to technology training

Need help creating your own website – without having to hire a web developer, a designer & paying for expensive hosting? In this free course, you’ll get:

A complete training on creating a profitable website

  • 14 How-To technology videos
  • Integration with free email marketing software to make more sales
  • My exact methods for creating websites that sell

Get your beautiful website up and running in 1 day

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Free Training #3: The Profitable Lady Farmer Facebook Group

A free group for us farm gals

Join farmers from across the nation and connect, ask marketing/farming questions, learn, share and most importantly GROW your business and your profits.

  • Weekly live Q&A videos where you can ask me anything about how I run my profitable farm and get more customres
  • Discover how best to connect with the people who will pay the prices you need to remain in business
  • Meet the coolest, most ambitious like-minded farmer-preuners you possibly could hope to meet who are sharing their genius with us all

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Click here to download the 8 traits of Successful Women Farmers!
Download it now