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“Where do I focus my efforts?”

300 farmers go out of business each week in America.

Yes, you read that right and that should make you furious!!

After my initial anger I was motivated to make sure I am NOT one of those farmers.

You and I need to focus on selling our products at a price we need to be sustainable so we can be around years from now serving our customers and living the farm-life we dreamed of.

One thing that will help you become sustainable and profitable is to focus on one area of your farm.  Get super successful at that one area before branching out to another area.

Chris and Tonya ask just that question and in the video below I give my advice that will help them become a profitable, sustainable farm.

More Products More Profits? Think again.

So many farmers start their farm with 1 or 2 or 3 species.  Or they make the mistake of starting with 1 product and then figuring that to become more successful they need to be selling more products.

This is a quick recipe for disaster and bankruptcy!  Find out why in my video below where I answer Chris and Tonya’s question about their farm.


All this blog info is FREE info so please watch and share with all the farmers you know.  

In the meantime, thank you for joining me here and for your interest in marketing – the world needs what you produce and have to share and I can show you how to get the word out.



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  • Danielle Hughes January 13, 2016, 4:42 pm

    Thank you Charlotte! Awesome advise. I am very much a let’s offer and do everything Farm girl. It helps so much to research, talk and listen to one focus at a time at first. A really great place to learn about each person’s local breeds of livestock and produce is at local places. I post ads at the farmer’s board asking questions about how breeds do in the area and where do they order from. Also, host a small gathering asking for people to come eat and share their stories. I even go work for farmers for free if they let me pick their brain all day. They love it! I am so excited for these videos. The advise is invaluable. Danielle

  • Amie Herrera August 20, 2016, 1:23 am

    Charlotte, One of my big marketing concerns is internet! We are on satellite as rural areas here in Southern Virginia do not have cable. When my 10 GB is gone, it’s gone. Kids are currently locked out of almost all internet content in an effort to conserve my 10GB. Yes, I could buy more, but people will just use it up faster. Anyway, as I’m trying to watch one of your videos, I’m frustrated . . . Any way to download the videos? Particularly for the courses? I can download somewhere else (or during early morning hours when the net is faster) and then watch at home! We’ve done that successfully with videos for homeschooling.

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