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How to Plan a Successful Photo Shoot on the Farm

In today’s world of online marketing, top-notch photos are a necessity and an important part of your successful marketing strategy.

We live in such a visual world that websites are expected to be beautiful.

And Facebook and Instagram have made it so everyone can look like a semi-professional photographer!

A Professional Photo Shoot Can Convert Lookers into Buyers


Without high-quality, engaging photos our customers will keep scrolling past our post in their newsfeed.

Customers want us to engage them with our words and photos — they want to be entertained, educated and/or told a story through beautiful imagery.

And this exactly what I teach you when you watch the video.

I’ll show you how I set up for our most recent photo shoot, how to choose props, the locations to shoot and what to wear.

Watch the video to learn my strategies and tips on how to plan a successful photo shoot on your farm.

Once you learn how to plan and prep for the shoot, you’ll always have a cache of perfect photos to choose from while planning your marketing for weeks or months at a time.

When you learn how to strategize your photo shoots, you’ll never again wake up on a Tuesday morning in a panic.

Rushing out to grab a last-minute photo of a chicken, cow, or bouquet of flowers for an Instagram post or sales email will be a thing of past.

In the video, I share my quick tips for getting 6 months to a year’s worth of photos in one 2-hour shoot. And I plan two photoshoots a year.

Listen in and learn:

  • How I organize my photoshoot on paper
  • Where I get inspiration for my farm photos
  • How to plan for photos in each of your photo categories
  • Where to get props
  • How I stage my animals
  • Why it’s important to get photos of you on the farm
  • Why you don’t just want photos of the things you farm

…and more!

Tune in, gain inspiration and follow me on IG @CharlotteSmith3Cow for even more inspo!

And tell me in the comments — Will you get organized and intentionally plan your photo shoots from now on?

If you do, imagine the time you will save on your farm marketing strategy!

As always, thanks for reading and watching. Please forward this to your farmer friends who could use a little photo inspiration!






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  • RJG July 2, 2018, 8:48 am

    I had a friend come do some great lifestyle photography for us last november, and that was helpful, but not an end-all-be-all. Seasonality is a big thing for our farm. It confuses people if you use shots of veggies they want out of season, and if you are tracking your success and adapting accordingly, things change too quickly on your farm to use old pictures. Maybe after you have a really good system established, and probably more helpful if you sell animal products. I keep a backdrop set up in a spot with consistently good lighting though and that has made it really quick to take shots of products as they come into season. I also keep some baskets (from the thrift store, of course) and crates and bowls around to use as props. I am hoping to host a farm dinner soon and will offer free tickets to my photographer friend if she brings her camera. I expect those shots to be very valuable for my website and social media because they will have people in them.

  • Mary Margaret July 2, 2018, 3:58 pm

    Love this! What a great idea and thank you for sharing your strategy here. So helpful to me in thinking about how to use our annual professional photo shoot to our best advantage! Thank you!

  • Kim July 7, 2018, 11:35 pm

    Yes I will because it is too difficult to runaround gathering photos!
    I agree with RJG that keeping current with different seasonal products can be challenging.

  • Sarah July 20, 2018, 9:39 am

    Perfect timing! I had just booked our first photoshoot – for our farm and our new farming blog as well. Your hints and tips were great in preparation.

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