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# 69: Why Growth and Ease Cannot Co-Exist in Your Farm Business

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There is a misconception that building your farm should only feel challenging sometimes, but not all of the time, that at some point it should become easy.

So many of my clients have this crazy desire to build their business, to be successful, and to live this farming lifestyle. But, where they get tripped up is in the idea that it shouldn’t be as hard as it is.

That’s not true, folks. Any dream or goal that you want in life, is an invitation to grow. There’s no way to reach that dream or goal without growth. And growth, my friends, can be super painful.

where I discuss why growth and ease cannot coexist, and why you must grow if you want to build a successful farm business.

In this episode, I’m talking all about:

  • How in order to grow a profitable farm you’ll have to grow into a NEW version of yourself.
  • The first step that change requires is a LOT of this one thing!
  • If you are surrounded by people who live in a fear and scarcity mindset, you might notice something interesting happening.
  • How to manage the survival part of your brain that’s holding you back and preventing your success.
  • Don’t want to experience the pain of growth to reach a big goal? No problem, just be sure to do this.
  • Why going after your goals and dreams feels BAD before it feels oh so good!”

I personally think the best goals are the ones that require you to become the person that you want to become.

Growing into a more fulfilled, confident, successful person also requires you to address your shame and doubt head-on. Since shame and doubt are a given, you can now learn to allow for it and solve for it and build that profitable farm anyway.

When you decide that growing is more important to you than staying in a place of comfort, then reach out for coaching and I will get you to your huge goals! Let’s do this!

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