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#32: A Solution to Feeling Unappreciated and Undervalued thumbnail

 Trying to decide if 1-on-1 coaching with Charlotte is right for you? Click here to book a free strategy session or 👉 It feels like farmers are overworked and underpaid more than any other industry because I hear it every week on coaching calls. The long hours are hard. It’s a thankless job… Read more

#31: How to Effectively Avoid the Spam Folder thumbnail

 Farm Marketing From the Heart self-study 👉 FREE Email Course 👉 I hear this a lot… “All my emails are going to spam.” “Are my emails getting blocked for some reason?” “People don’t check or open email anymore . . . please help!” Hey, I get your frustration, I do, but there… Read more

#30: 3 Ways You Can Eliminate Overwhelm on the Farm thumbnail

FREE Mindset Coaching Webinar at Overwhelm. It’s a powerful word with a lot of meaning behind it. It’s defined as “bury or drown beneath a huge mass. Defeat completely. Give too much of a thing to (someone); inundate.” So it would make sense that you see yourself drowning under a huge mass of farm… Read more

  Sign up for the free coaching webinars I’m holding for April and May: I went through something during my high-school years that shaped my whole life. This series of events could have taken me down a bad path of negativity, failure, and sadness if I had let it. And frankly, I’m pretty sure… Read more

#28: How to Retain New Customers After the Pandemic is Over thumbnail

  FREE Coaching Here: Listen to Episode #26 here: FREE email course here: I’ve heard a lot of farmers recently say things like, “I hope all these customers that are buying from us right now remember us when this pandemic is over.” Part of me is so happy to hear that farmers… Read more

#27: How to Use Video on Your Farm to Make More Sales thumbnail

The best way to make more sales and build trust with your customers is to do video. Now I know what you’re going to say… You don’t like yourself on video. You don’t like the sound of your voice. You stall, stutter and say “ummmm” every other word. I know how you feel — I’ve… Read more

#26: Why Delivery Will Save Your Farm During a Quarantine thumbnail

 How to Stay In Business Through These Trying Times We are in trying times, right now aren’t we? Corona is affecting all of us, all over the world (not just our farm or our town or our country… all of us). During this time of quarantine, getting your products into the hands of the… Read more

#25: How MORE Self-Care Brings Your Farm MORE Profit thumbnail

As farmers, we put ourselves on the bottom of the to-do list, don’t we? Like at the very bottom. Self-care is never a priority when there is so much to do, right? Self-care feels like a luxury that only the “rich” get to experience. And I’ve heard from the men, too, it’s not limited to… Read more

#24: How to Overcome Your Obstacles with Time Management thumbnail

Download your FREE Time Management Awareness pdf here: Download your FREE Time Management Awareness pdf here: Busy, busy, busy… We live in a world where everyone is busy running around from place to place, doing one thing after another. We help our neighbors, aging parents, young children, farm animals that need tending to… Read more

Today, I want you to meet Carla, Farm Marketing from the Heart student, raw milk, pastured beef, and pork farmer. She started out as a hobby farmer in 2003 and in 2015/2016 she decided enough was enough — it was time to take farming to a new level. Carla got serious about building a business… Read more



Get the Free Checklist: How to Market Your Farm in One Hour A Day!

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