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How to Sell Your Products When You Identify as an Introvert

Do you consider yourself an introvert?

Oh boy…if there was a way I could sell my farm products without having to talk with customers all day then heck yes, I would!!

You and I just want to farm or work in the garden, we don’t want to have to sell our stuff and interact with people – let’s be honest…nobody really enjoys doing that after a 10 hour day of milking cows and pulling weeds.

The truth is, if we’re going to run profitable small farms selling direct-to-consumer, we HAVE to interact with people; there’s no way around it.

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But what do you do when you’re not feeling very confident about selling? How do you handle that overwhelming pressure to say the RIGHT thing to customers? How do you get over that fear of putting yourself out there & getting in front of people to market your products?

I hosted a live video on just this topic and there I give you 3 tips on how to build up that muscle that makes engaging with customers easier.

Click below to watch.

I think all of us can relate to feeling “introverted” in certain contexts. If selling your farm goods is one of them, you’ll want to see this!

When you try these ideas for a week, two or even a month you will gain skills that will make engaging with others and building relationships so much easier and you may even start to look forward to it!

This is the absolute best way to move your farm from “struggling to make ends meet” to thriving and growing and finally profiting!

If you try out the tips I suggest please let me know how it works for you!! I LOVE to hear about your growth in marketing!!

I have a great tip for you – I’ve started watching all my videos and listening to my podcasts on fast-forward – right on the video they have that option for you to select.

Turns out the mind can absorb info at a faster rate than we think!! It’s helped me learn even more in less time!

Try it!

Forward this to your farmer friends who might need some encouragement when it comes to engaging with others and selling their products!

And be sure you join us in The Profitable Farm, our private Facebook Group where all the fun and unending support happens!

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  • Jenifer January 19, 2019, 2:28 pm

    Hi Charlotte!

    I am an introvert as well as a morning person. If there is something that I will find trying (needing to call customers for instance) I try to do it in the morning when I am the most energized. Doing this at night would probably less effective for me, so something else to consider.

    By the way, I LOVE those glasses! 🙂

    • Charlotte January 20, 2019, 11:10 am

      Thanks for the glasses compliment, Jenifer!! good point on doing it in the morning when you’re more energized!

      Thank you for sharing!


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