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How To Graciously Say Goodbye to a Challenging Customer

Have you ever been in this spot?

You serve dozens of customers all week, bending over backwards in your busy schedule to accommodate them in the best way you can, and at the end of the day all you can think of is that one super-annoying, complainer customer that you can just never seem to please!

One of our students, Cristen, emailed a couple weeks ago with just this situation, wondering if she was obligated to serve someone who she could not seem to please.  Cristen was bending over backwards giving the best possible service to this person who was still not satisfied.

Watch today’s video and get the free download for my specific email I use in these situations which graciously sends the problem customer on their way.

Today’s video outlines 3 ways I deal with this.

When you’ve worked so hard to produce great products and give superb customer service on your farm and this one bad apple is consuming all your thoughts, it may be time to send them on their way.

I have a neat little email that graciously lets them know I can’t serve them in the way they need to be served, but doesn’t burn any bridges with negativity or defensiveness.

If you’d like to grab the free worksheet I discuss in the video to graciously get rid of problem customers, click here!

In the free worksheet is my email template for you to use as a guide and customize it with your own personality to suit your situation, and let her go with grace.

(Now if you have several problem customers continuously who challenge your prices or complain about something to do with your product or the service you offer, even when you’re doing the best job you can, well that’s NOT what I’m talking about here, that’s a sign you need to work more on identifying your Dream Customer & reach out to her on your website better to attract more dream customers)

Lastly, forward this to your farmer friends who may need a little encouragement to say goodbye to someone who’s affecting their quality of service to everyone!

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Get the Free Video Training:”Master Your Email: Inbox Zero Training”