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# 74: The Number 1 Strategy to Create the Perfect Customer Base

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Does your farm marketing appeal to the masses?

It’s tempting to think that anyone with money in their pocket and an interest in our products is a potential customer.

But guess what? Thinking that way is not going to make your farm successful.

Tune in to this episode, where I discuss the number one strategy to create your perfect loyal customer base.

What is loyal? Loyal is your repeat customers who love your product and are so proud that you’re their farmer, that they tell all their friends and support you in the prices you need to charge.

Profitable, sustainable farms have consistent sales and loyal customers coming back for more.

How do they do that? They got laser specific on who they are selling to and NEVER try to sell to everyone with interest/money.

In this episode, I’m talking all about:

  • How & why it’s important to understand what your customers’ problems and goals are.
  • The BIG reason why you need to focus your entire marketing plan on one person.
  • The revelation that when you KNOW who your one person is… you will attract a broader variety of people.

After listening to this episode I hope you no longer play it safe and generalize your marketing message, but instead consider the power of marketing to one single person.

Plus, don’t miss this! I am sharing the ONE skill that is so crucial that you learn in order to build a successful farm.

Tune in today.

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