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#62: How Perfectionism Can Stop Your Farm’s Growth

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Is perfectionism holding you back?

If so, you’re not alone. In fact, in working with my clients I see every day how perfectionism is having a negative impact on their lives and businesses.

The good news is that perfectionism is a habit and since it’s a habit, that means you can replace it with a new habit that supports you and your goals.

Join me for episode 62 where you’ll learn:

  • How perfectionism might be holding you back (without you even realizing it)
  • The truth about being perfect and producing perfect
  • What’s really behind your need to be perfect
  • How to start noticing where perfectionism is holding you back in business (and how to change it)

Plus, I’m sharing the question I ask my clients all the time to help them redefine “perfect.” You’ll be amazed by how this exercise can free you to move forward!

Let’s make this the year you move past your fears of imperfection and build the business of your dreams! Listen to episode 62 now!

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