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#35: How to Manage Your Time With Freedom and Ease

Does scheduling every minute of your day feel restrictive, limiting, and suffocating?

It did for April.

So she did what every normal person would do… She rebelled.

At that point, she was free to continue reading on the couch instead of milking the cow.

Free to do what she wanted at the moment instead of honoring her commitment to herself.

Guess what happened?

All those tasks she avoided started to get backlogged and pile up.

Which made her feel overwhelmed.

Which made her feel stressed.

Vicious cycle, right?

Then, we had our coaching call and something amazing happened.

Watch what happened here!

I was able to walk April through the thoughts, feelings, and actions she was having about creating structure and what that meant to her.

It was eye-opening for her, which is why I knew you needed to see the coaching call for yourself.

April allowed me to record the session so I could share it with you now.

You’re going to want to see this — It’s THAT good. I promise!

Watch the coaching session here!

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Get the Free Video Training:”Master Your Email: Inbox Zero Training”