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Raw Milk Pro

“Should I use chlorine bleach or iodine to clean my raw milk dairy equipment?” thumbnail

This question often shows up in my inbox! Among others about sanitizing raw milk equipment — what to use, why what they’re using isn’t working, how much sanitizer, etc. I’m a firm believer in that if you’re producing raw milk then you’d better have some food grade bleach flying in your barn sanitizing that equipment. Bleach… Read More

How I deal with newborn calves – leave on Mama or no? thumbnail

I’m regularly asked what I do with my calves when the dairy cows calve. For instance, do I keep them on the mamas or remove them and bottle feed, or a combo? I put together today’s video to explain just that. Take a look at my process, then I’d love for you to scroll down… Read More

how to test your raw milk thumbnail

Here it is! In the video below I break down the process I use to test my cow’s milk.  (my way is not the ONLY way, yet it has worked for me for 7 years so I keep at it.) I have very strong opinions on this subject – I believe it is the moral and… Read More

rotational grazing for superior raw milk thumbnail

I frequently get asked about our intense rotational grazing system so thought I’d just head out to the field and show you! When you feed your cows like – moved regularly to fast growing, lush grass – this is reflected in the superior taste and quality of the milk. I filmed it in my beef cow… Read More

Properly Clean Your Raw Milk Machine thumbnail

  Today I’m demonstrating the process I’ve developed over the years, with the help of raw dairy consultants, to clean and sanitize our equipment to insure safe raw milk production. I list the proper chemicals, amounts, and processes.  And, if you’re just getting started and don’t have access to dairy chemicals, I list what you… Read More

Off-Taste in Your Raw Milk? Fix it Here. thumbnail

Ever take a big drink of milk and then – bleh!!*#@ it tastes like a cow? Or super bitter? Or like well-aged parmesan cheese (not in my milk, please!)?? One of the most common calls for help I get from raw milk producers is because their customers are complaining about off-tasting raw milk, they’re giving… Read More

Rustic and Handmade – Refine Your Raw Milk Dairy Milking Stanchion thumbnail

Today I am showing off my rustic, homemade milking stanchion due to popular request!! I’ve learned in this business of raw milk micro-dairying that you don’t want to invest a lot of extra money building a fancy infrastructure if you don’t have to.  Keep to the basics, use leftovers around the farm to build, trade… Read More

Is Your Raw Milk Priced For The Long Run? thumbnail

Tune in to today’s video to hear my insights on pricing your raw milk sustainably so you can be in business for years to come. Unfortunately, in the 8 years I’ve been drinking raw milk, especially the last couple years as it becomes more popular, I see more and more producers go out of business… Read More

Prepare an Udder Like A Pro thumbnail

I know you face a big learning curve in many areas of  the US when you decide to get a milk cow and produce raw milk for your family and maybe others, too. There is no “Milking University” or “Producer Preschool” to answer even the most basic questions. Come inside our barn in this short… Read More



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