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A book for farmers who want to sell more products at a sustainable price (and have fun doing it!)

I don’t have to tell that you have to sell something to stay in business. Yet I hear you struggle with how to do that all the time. This book is for farmers who…

  • Are overwhelmed with marketing & have no idea where to start getting more customers (who will happily pay your sustainable price)
  • Feel uncomfortable selling their products and are tired of competing with grocery stores or other farmers
  • Are posting on social media, sending emails, going to markets and running ads…but still aren’t making ends meet

Get a start-to-finish plan to create your own marketing plan with Farm Marketing from the Heart

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Praise for Farm Marketing from the Heart

Your book is everything I thought it would be and more. You have brought me to tears. The insight you have is simply unmatched by any marketing professional I’ve ever worked with. – Patti

Your class/book has changed my life! Your support has given me the confidence to make ranching a viable financial option for us, and thereby making my dream come true! – Christine

Bonus Resource Library

Get 10+ freebies with your copy of the book!

This book is designed to help you get your farm marketing plan started so I included a huge library of free resources with your book. You’ll get free…

  • Worksheets to put the book’s practices into action
  • Videos to inspire you to transform your farm marketing
  • Step-by-step training courses to help you build your website, email list & more

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Meet Charlotte Smith

Founder of 3 Cow Marketing • Named one of Top 25 Most Influential Women in Food & Agriculture • Bestselling Author • Keynote Speaker • Board Member & Secretary of Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund


For years farmers have asked Charlotte how she’s able to sell her raw milk at a sustainable price and have a waiting list for new customers, when they struggle to sell their products at half her price. This book is the culmination of the marketing strategies + mindsets she’s adopted to build a thriving small farm.

In addition to teaching farmers these marketing tactics in her acclaimed online courses, Charlotte hosts The Profitable Farm Facebook Group – a place where thousands of small farmers around the world connect, learn, and support each other on their journeys to growing profitable, sustainable farms.

I read the whole book this morning in a hour and a half – Charlotte you get it exactly right. Relationships are the most important. – Shelly 


I feel like your book applies to more than just farmers! In fact, taking the course, changing my mindset and living into the values of “marketing from the heart” has made me a kinder, better human being. I think this book will be great for so many people! – Lori

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