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How to Talk About Your High Prices Without Feeling Guilty thumbnail

The mindset shift Joel Salatin taught me about pricing your products as “craft food” instead of as a commodity. For the second time in less than a year, my husband and I hosted Joel Salatin at our home so we could teach “The Profitable Farm Workshop.” No matter how many times I hear Joel speak… Read More

How to Plan a Successful Photo Shoot on the Farm thumbnail

In today’s world of online marketing, top-notch photos are a necessity and an important part of your successful marketing strategy. We live in such a visual world that websites are expected to be beautiful. And Facebook and Instagram have made it so everyone can look like a semi-professional photographer! A Professional Photo Shoot Can Convert… Read More

How to Use Farm Events to Attract New Customers and Profit thumbnail

Food in our society is a commodity. In other words, the cheaper the better. That’s what the average shoppers expect. As a farmer, it is impossible to compete with the low prices and convenience of any industrially priced food. Unfortunately, many farmers do try to compete on price and convenience, and they find they can’t… Read More

I talk to a lot of farmers that think it’s impossible to be a profitable farm. With high competition and grocery stores (including online!) flooding the market, it’s no wonder you think this. I’m here to tell you it is absolutely possible and I can show you how. I’ve done it for myself over the… Read More

How to Use “Categories” on Instagram to Attract Customers thumbnail

If you’ve got your email list up and running, you’ve identified your “dream customer” and are ready to start adding more customers to your tribe – you may want to explore using Instagram to make this happen. I’m sure you’ve heard of it, and chances are you may already be using it personally, and most… Read More

How to Get Started With Instagram Marketing thumbnail

You’re brand new to Instagram or Instagram marketing and you don’t know where to start or what to do, you’ve come to the right place. You know that getting on Instagram (IG) is smart marketing and has the potential to grow your farm, but what are the basics? How do you get started? These 5… Read More

Why Farm Branding Is Important and How to Achieve It thumbnail

Many farmers think they don’t need a brand, or if they do, branding consists of a logo, website, tagline, mission statement – or maybe all your followers on social media. And I’m here to tell you that is NOT branding! Those things are only one piece to the key lime pie. So if you don’t… Read More

6 Ways An Email List Makes Your Farm Profitable thumbnail

My son is a United States Marine. I remember when he went to boot camp almost 3 years ago. It was tough. During the long 3 months of no communication, I watched video after video of what he was going through each week in training.  Many times with tears in my eyes!! (ok, fellow mamas… Read More

How this Farmer Transformed with ‘Farm Marketing from the Heart’ thumbnail

Recently I had the pleasure to sit down with Carla Phillips of Phillips Family Farm, a neighbor a few towns over, here in Oregon. Listen in as she shares her wisdom and insight with you, as we chat about what her farm looked like before she built her marketing strategy, vs. how her farm looks… Read More

6 Steps to Raise Your Prices Without Losing Customers thumbnail

Last summer while creating my “Price for Profit” spreadsheets to help farmers calculate prices and determine the margins you’re making on your products, I realized my raw milk price was about 25% too low. Time To Raise The Price! I hadn’t increased the price since 2014, and since that time every single cost associated with… Read More



Get the Free Complete Storefront Checklist to make more Sales with your Farm Store, Market Booth, Delivery Program, and more!

Download it now