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How this Farmer Transformed with ‘Farm Marketing from the Heart’ thumbnail

Recently I had the pleasure to sit down with Carla Phillips of Phillips Family Farm, a neighbor a few towns over, here in Oregon. Listen in as she shares her wisdom and insight with you, as we chat about what her farm looked like before she built her marketing strategy, vs. how her farm looks… Read More

The Language You Need to Be Using in Your Marketing thumbnail

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes, or remember back to the time before you started farming. Trying to find healthy food was overwhelming because there were so many options! Who do you trust when you can find ‘pasture raised eggs’ at Whole Foods and most grocery stores, or the neighbor’s backyard hens, or the farm… Read More

How to Identify Ideal Customers That Will Buy From You thumbnail

Think back to the last transaction you had with a customer who purchased your product. Do you have someone in mind? It could be a phone conversation, an exchange at a Farmer’s Market, someone who drove out to your farm, etc. After they handed over their money and you gave them the product that you… Read More

6 Steps to Raise Your Prices Without Losing Customers thumbnail

Last summer while creating my “Price for Profit” spreadsheets to help farmers calculate prices and determine the margins you’re making on your products, I realized my raw milk price was about 25% too low. Time To Raise The Price! I hadn’t increased the price since 2014, and since that time every single cost associated with… Read More

How To Handle The Competition. thumbnail

  Ugh, doesn’t it feel so icky when you’re faced with competition from other farmers? I hate feeling like I have to defend my products, or when I know another farmer at a market isn’t being totally honest with their marketing. So how do you overcome those feelings of inadequacy and turn it into something… Read More

How to Create a Facebook Ad that Sells thumbnail

  Facebook ads can be confusing, difficult to manage and a complete waste a lot of time and money if you don’t know what you’re doing. They can also be scary and extremely intimidating. … but if done correctly, they can be a total game changer for your farm business. Perhaps you’ve tried them in the… Read More

In my ceaseless quest to help more farms thrive and become profitable AND stay in business, this week I had the privilege of interviewing Kevin Fort of Regenerative Business Institute, a tax accounting, and business strategist firm where several of his clients are farmers. Kevin lives in Gilbert, Arizona, with his wife and kids and in… Read More

How to Make More Money on Your Farm With a 2018 Marketing Plan thumbnail

It’s always about this time of year that I wake up one morning in a panic and think, “It’s almost the end of the year, where in the world did the time go? What did I actually get done this year, how am I going to get through the winter, what projects were left unfinished…and… Read More

How to Stay in Business as the Popularity of Farm Fresh Food Declines thumbnail

As if running a farm and dealing with weather challenges, predator problems, or  crop issues isn’t enough, now we have to stay ahead of all the marketing trends that challenge our sales, too! In the last ten years, we’ve seen farming as a profession and farm fresh food become hip, cool, and trendy. And while… Read More

4 Ways to Sell in the Off-Season – Now that Markets are Closed thumbnail

Farmer’s market season is over in most areas and now the emails are landing in my inbox: “Help!  My freezer is full of frozen chickens. How can I sell them now that markets are over?” Or freezers full of beef.  Or milk. You don’t have to suffer. The struggle is the same though – “how… Read More



Get your Free Chapter of my New Book: “Farm Marketing from the Heart”
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