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The Language You Need to Be Using in Your Marketing thumbnail

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes, or remember back to the time before you started farming. Trying to find healthy food was overwhelming because there were so many options! Who do you trust when you can find ‘pasture raised eggs’ at Whole Foods and most grocery stores, or the neighbor’s backyard hens, or the farm… Read More

Below is the download with the free email template to help you connect with buying customers. And below that is a video I did about how other farmers are using this knowledge and language in their marketing and how they’re attracting new customers because of it. The video is only available for a limited time… Read More

How to Identify Ideal Customers That Will Buy From You thumbnail

Think back to the last transaction you had with a customer who purchased your product. Do you have someone in mind? Good. It could be a phone conversation, an exchange at a Farmer’s Market, someone who drove out to your farm, etc. After they handed over their money and you gave them the product, what… Read More

How to Maintain Relationships When Something Goes Wrong thumbnail

This happens about once a year… I get calls, emails and texts from customers saying, “My milk taste awful this week. I can’t drink it. Can I get a refund? What happened?” All normal on a raw milk dairy — whether it’s the accidental jaunt through the onion patch or the excessive grass in spring… Read More

6 Ways to Avoid *Burnout* on the Farm thumbnail

We’ve all been there… Burned out. Stressed out. Ready to throw in the towel I can safely say this is one problem all us farmers face! After just a couple months of milking cows twice a day, I realized I had to make a change otherwise I was going to burn out and quit.  And… Read More

How to Create a Strong Call-To-Action in Your Marketing thumbnail

Each week I receive many marketing emails, blog posts, and see social media posts from farmers and they are super informative – I hear all about their newest products available or opportunities for a class. And unfortunately, that’s where it often ends – they forget (or are afraid) to tell their readers & followers to… Read More

How to Talk About Your High Prices Without Feeling Guilty thumbnail

The mindset shift Joel Salatin taught me about pricing your products as “craft food” instead of as a commodity. For the second time in less than a year, my husband and I hosted Joel Salatin at our home so we could teach “The Profitable Farm Workshop.” No matter how many times I hear Joel speak… Read More

How to Plan a Successful Photo Shoot on the Farm thumbnail

In today’s world of online marketing, top-notch photos are a necessity and an important part of your successful marketing strategy. We live in such a visual world that websites are expected to be beautiful. And Facebook and Instagram have made it so everyone can look like a semi-professional photographer! A Professional Photo Shoot Can Convert… Read More

How to Use Farm Events to Attract New Customers and Profit thumbnail

Food in our society is a commodity. In other words, the cheaper the better. That’s what the average shoppers expect. As a farmer, it is impossible to compete with the low prices and convenience of any industrially priced food. Unfortunately, many farmers do try to compete on price and convenience, and they find they can’t… Read More

I talk to a lot of farmers that think it’s impossible to be a profitable farm. With high competition and grocery stores (including online!) flooding the market, it’s no wonder you think this. I’m here to tell you it is absolutely possible and I can show you how. I’ve done it for myself over the… Read More



Get your Free Instagram Guide for Farmers: 10 Steps to Profit

Download it now