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#77: This One Critical Skill Will Eliminate Anxiety

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I was in Kansas City giving a keynote talk on farm marketing when my phone rang and I saw from the number it was my neighbor.

“Your cows are in my front yard.”
Cue gallons of adrenaline and cortisol running through my body!
Anxiety? You betcha. Or maybe more like being hooked up directly to the electric fence charger!
Here I was half a continent away, nothing I could do about it.
This is an unusual circumstance, maybe, but anxiety is an all-too-common issue farmers bring to me in our coaching sessions daily.
It’s more like, “we sold out of all our meat during COVID and we’re still not making money.”
Or, “I’m working from 6 AM to 11 PM when I fall into bed exhausted and we’re still not getting it all done.”
Anxiety is a UNIVERSAL emotion that we all have to deal with every single day living on our farms. But some deal with it better than others.
I was one of those who didn’t know how to deal with anxiety in a healthy way for SUCH a long time. I share my own battle with anxiety in a little more detail in this week’s episode, but what I will tell you is that if you don’t learn how to manage anxiety it has the potential to break you.
I want you to understand that you CAN OVERCOME! And when I say overcome, don’t misunderstand me. Many may think if you overcome it once you’ll never have to deal with it again. But that’s not the case.
In this episode I’m going to teach you the one critical skill to manage your anxiety right NOW.
After listening to this episode, you’ll find it a little easier to breathe. Not because your anxiety has been “cured”, but because you now know HOW to manage it in a way that doesn’t let it control you!
This very episode WILL change your life. Don’t miss out!
Listen to episode #77 right now!

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