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Hey there. And welcome back to another episode of the profitable mindset podcast.

Welcome to the profitable mindset. A show dedicated to teaching you the skills you need to build a profitable product based business that makes you feel free and fully in control. Here is your host Charlotte Smith. Hey, you guys welcome to episode number 35.

Manage your time with freedom and ease. I am so excited to share something different with you today. This is an actual coaching call with my client, April that you get to eavesdrop on. I coached her last week in our public coaching call. I try to do those monthly and she gave me permission to put it here on the podcast. So it’s your lucky day because the things she’s got coaching on and that she was struggling with is something that most of us I think struggle with. So we are all going to be able to relate here. So I spend the bulk of my days, teaching mindset mastery to busy women. Now busy is the key word here. I think most of us were socialized to just be busy and think that busy is kind of a badge of honor. We hold in our lives and we compare how busy we are to other people yet it doesn’t feel so good.

So April came to me because she knows having structure in her days is going to help with that. Yet the structure she was keeping made her feel really controlled. So she would rebel against that and up not doing what she planned on doing for the day. And she’s got projects backing up on her farm. Okay. So what’s, you’re going to hear is me showing her, her brain with the questions I ask. You’re going to hear what thoughts are holding her back. And you will witness her moving from feeling completely controlled by her thoughts to then a complete opposite. She does a one 80. She was able to get to a place where she feels like she has full control over her day. I can’t wait to for you to hear this because by the end of our session, she felt refreshed and ready to take action and schedule her day with freedom and ease and feel amazing about it instead of feeling controlled like she first did when she first showed up.

So listen to the full episode, it’s going to help you. If you want to watch the video, the full video is linked up in the show notes too. So you can pop over to the show notes, click on the link and see the video of this as well. All right, you guys, let’s dive in and thank you to April for letting me share this. So all of you can benefit as well. Welcome you guys. This is a public coaching. I try to do them about once a month. We have one person I’m bringing on today to coach April. She’ll be on. Maybe you’ve seen her before. If you’ve watched my other calls. And what I want to say is you can always volunteer to be coached. Not it’s interesting that hundreds of people sign up to be coached, but not very many, um, or sign up to watch, but not very many actually want or volunteer to come on and be coached.

I’m guessing there’s a lot of fear and confidence and worry and all those things. But I want to share with you that if you decide to feel those terrible feelings and do it anyway, it will be greatly rewarding in your life and your business and everything. So I also do a one on one coaching. If it’s something you know, you want to do, but you’re just not interested in doing it publicly like this. You can always check out the, uh, coaching packages. I offer three cow marketing.com forward slash strategy is where you can book a free session to decide on investing in coaching there. But otherwise these I do once a month, um, for free. So let me bring April on. All right, April, can you hear me? I hear, Oh, there you are. How are you? Oh, I’m doing really good. How are you?

Good. Let me turn you up on my aunts. I can hear you. Oh my gosh. You got good lighting. I love it. The replay is going to look great. And everybody watching. Yes, there’ll be a replay set up. So thanks for volunteering. As far as telling everybody, um, uh, I hope they give it a try. So you might mention that. Why should, so, like I said, hundreds of people sign up to watch, but not very many people want to go on camera and get coached. Like, like you’ve volunteered to do. Why should they give it a try? You tell them, is it worth the pain? Oh, yes, it is definitely worth it. Um, I really liked the fact that I’m not in a room with you. And so, um, it doesn’t feel like there’s a whole bunch of people watching me have this conversation. So that really helps. Um, I don’t really feel like there’s a, it feels like you and me are just together and I don’t even think about other people seeing this. Yeah. Good, good. No, the advances that I’ve taken in my life since I’ve started getting coached by, you have just been outrageous. And what I say outrageous is a big move for me would have been, you know, switching from, you know, before it would have been like switching from drinking soda to water. And after I got done coach, like after our

coaching together and the progress that I’ve made in my life, it’s like now I’m on a full fledged diet and losing the weight and succeeding in the things that I need to succeed. Um, I use these tools to, in my life daily, uh, this isn’t just this period where I’m sitting here with you for the 15, 20 minutes or whatnot. But yeah, I, you know, if I, um, get upset or angry, I’m asking myself different questions. I’m not. Yeah. Uh, yeah. I, I don’t know. I just it’s, it’s changed my life completely. I’ve done so much therapy and so many different options in why dealing with PTSD and working with the VA hospital and stuff like that. But this, I mean, the results of this are just, I mean, they’re exactly the light. What I want to see in my life is if I sit down and I do a thought model with myself, um, the results are instant.

You know, I feel better, really better. Yeah. This is so cool to hear. And I didn’t ask you to prepare anything. That’s just thank you for sharing. You know, I was just thinking we’ve been working together since like last September or October, and it’s amazing what coaching does for people. And I have my own coach. I meet with someone every week or every two weeks, depending on the month as well. And it’s life changing and it affects every area of your life, including your business and your bottom line and all that. So any relationships yeah. And general. And if anybody is, you know, if you’re interested in doing coaching, the one thing that I wish I would’ve done at the very beginning was like right out this person, you know, like all of the things that I was having trouble with, or kind of just something that I could go back to, cause it’s hard to see the progress.

I can see it, but it’s not like my mom sees it. You know, my mom’s just floored. You know, my boyfriend’s just floored my family and stuff. And I’m just like amazing. Right. You know, this is still hard. Yeah. Well, you know what I do that helps me. I don’t know if you ever did fought downloads. I do them in a journal. I have yours right here. And I go back and look at my thought downloads from a year ago. And it’s like, Oh my gosh, the difference between the stress and anxiety and lack of managing something that was going on in my life compared to today, EV and then I’ll look back three years ago and I see the progress that way. So yeah. It’s amazing. Well, good. So let’s get you, let’s dive into what you want today. And you emailed me ahead of time and I’m glad you did, because I, I was able to save some time

and write things down here. And also I think this is a topic that will help almost, if not everybody in my audience, it’s on time management and keeping a schedule. Okay. The job of a coach, just so everyone knows my job is to show my clients, their brain. I’m showing I’m here to show you what’s going on in your brain that is causing you to not get the results you want. So people come to me because they aren’t happy with the results they’re getting in their life. It’s not because I have all the answers it’s because I am trained and showing you what’s going on in your brain. That’s holding you back. When you become aware of that, you realize you have all the answers, you know, it’s so cool. So, so that’s what I’m going to show you here today. So when, um, April emailed me, you know that, I mean, you, you want, you see the benefits of having structure in your life in your days.

You said you love the part of structure that makes to do lists, put them on the calendar, eats amazing food reads. Studies keeps it clean house, organized life, exercise, meditation, deep connection with family and friends. So you see all that value and structure. And then what happens is, and this is what she emailed me. She has all these such, I’ve been a slave to routine my entire life. She said, starting with my father’s 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Scheduling then committing to the army and its rigorous schedule. Then 84 to a hundred hour workweeks building roads in Alaska. Are you a badass or what?

And then another schedule. Another thought I’m done with schedules and anxiety. I just want to be at peace, but if I failed to do one thing, then you beat up on yourself. Okay. So this is what I call a fought download. It’s like when I ask, Hey, April, what do you think about keeping more structure in your life? So these are your thoughts. Okay. And, uh, our thoughts, researchers, neuroscientists can show us our thoughts. Cause our feelings and feelings drive all action. So just reading all these thoughts, like what’s the general feeling going on right now? Um, or feelings what’s going on for you when you read this anxiety’s one of them. Yeah. Anxiety. It’s just, I don’t know the same, same, same, you know, always there’s no, no freedom. How does, and what would be a good feeling for no freedom? Yeah. Uh, like in jail, your hands are tied.

No choice decisions are made for you. Yeah. I feel very limited. Yeah. Held back, held down. Yeah. Which wants me to breakthrough. Right. Okay. So just notice that this is what’s going on in your brain and we have, I know it may feel like you didn’t choose these thoughts because these are very habitual. So you’ve trained. It looks like, you know, starting when you were a young kid, you’ve started developing thoughts of, Oh my gosh. Got to get up at five bed by nine, you develop a thoughts. And the subsequent emotions that now you’ve been practicing for decades and they are deep habits in your brain. So when you think about structure, all these things, thoughts and emotions automatically come up. And may, if you, you know, if I look at these, the last thing I want to do is develop structure. You know, these thoughts make you want to run from structure, right?

Yes. So that’s, what’s going on in your head is you think of structure, you know, there’s some good things about having structure. You’ve had some benefits, but then all these automatic thoughts you’ve thought for decades, if you know, and years at the very least jump into your brain and it’s like, Whoa, to heck with that. Yes. Nobody would want to develop structure if you presented them with these thoughts first. Right? So, so this is what’s important to notice is it’s not the lack of structure that’s holding you back. It’s not that you don’t have the right calendar system or the right alarm clock or the right message on your phone. It’s 100% in your head, the way you’re thinking about time and our structure. Okay. So I want to pull one of these thoughts down because the brain we need in order to change your brain, we can’t just look at all these general thoughts.

We got to get really specific and hone in. That’s how change in your brain happens as we pick out one FOBT. So we’ll one of these, Oh, go ahead. Oh. So when I, when I go in and I do my thought download like that, um, is it, it’s beneficial to go through each one of these sorts of eventually or to pick one and kind of just broaden it. The beauty is you, you, yes. You can go through all of them, but once you start going through one of them, it will help you with all the others. So one of them will get you some change and then you can do a second thought. And pretty soon you

don’t. Yeah. You won’t have to go through all of them, so. Okay. So let’s choose one of these. Um, uh, when you think about structure, how do you feel? What’s the predominant feeling controlled feeling? I think so. Let’s check it out. Why do you feel controlled? What’s your thought? You’re thinking no choice. I have no. Okay. So the structure is just a, I call it a circumstance. That’s what the C stands for. It’s just neutral.


And your thought is I have no control and you feel controlled, controlled, limited, limited. That’s a good, which one does one stamp limited. Stands out more.

When you feel limited about the structure, what do you do? How do you show up? Um, what happens if fight back? Um, rebill and what does that look like? If I were going to see you fight back against structure, um, you know, this, this sounds silly. All you know is for example, I’ll have an hour of my day scheduled to read and then the timer will go off for me to go do something else. And I’ll say, you know what? I’m going to keep reading because I have the freedom to do whatever I want. Or if I want to take a nap, I can take a nap or, um, but then I’ll counter addicted because I’ll still do, like, I still get up every morning. I milk my cow. I still make sure all my animals are said, I, if I do the dishes, I give myself a Pat on the back, like, yeah, you did great today, but that’s not what I wanted. Yeah. So let’s just notice from a place of feeling limited, you fight back. And the way that looks is if your timer goes off to start the next task, you’re like, no way, screw it. I’m going to keep going. Cause I can. I’m a horrible employee.

Okay. And notice, I just want to point out that, that, that you said, I mean, that’s, self-judgment too, so, right. Yeah. So you judge yourself, what do you not doing? Oh man. If my I’m not, I’m not getting my projects done. I know that in order to reach my goals, I need to set miniature goals to accomplish this. But I can’t, I’m having a hard time just even getting those miniature goals then. So my biggest projects aren’t getting accomplished. Okay. So you’re not taking small steps and you’re not getting the big projects done. And the result you’re creating in your life is your it’s kind of out of control. Yeah. It’s all backlogged. Nothing’s getting done out of control, no accomplishments, backlog of projects. So it looks so good. Look, what’s happening. You think, Oh, I’d like to keep more of structure. Cause you know, it serves you in certain areas and your, one of your first thoughts is, well, I have no control. And, and you feel like that makes you think the structure is limiting you. So you feel limited when you feel limited, you rebel against any structure that you did set up. Like if you’re supposed to go on to the next task, you rebel and you don’t do the task, you spend part of that time judging yourself. So now you feel bad about yourself for not doing the thing projects, aren’t getting done, little things. Aren’t getting done that contribute to the big things. And you just have a backlog of things. You have, you are proving to yourself, you’re creating evidence for yourself that

you have no control. Yeah. And my list is getting longer and longer. Yeah. Yeah. Never ending. Yeah. But notice that, um, I want to ask you some questions about this and there’s when I ask questions, it’s not, there’s no right or wrong answer. The question is for you to notice what comes up in your brain first, because that’s the key, there are things that come up in your brain that you don’t know what they are yet, but they’re the key to what’s holding you back. So no right or wrong answer, but why are you choosing to think this about structure? Um, maybe, maybe because um, my whole life, somebody else’s done structure for me, they’ve written my life out, according to what they needed. And that was very, very controlling. And so now that I have the ability to write my own structure and write my own schedule, I feel out of control.

I don’t know. Um, yeah. Okay. So that makes sense. Yeah. Yeah. So you’re choosing this thought based on something that happened in your past. Yes. Oh for sure. Um, I think the lack of control happens or I feel that lack of control when or the thought is when I, um, when I schedule something and I don’t do it, then it goes back on the list and we become this ongoing circle and I don’t ever, I don’t see the results I’m looking for. And so it just gets pushed off and pushed off until it’s absolutely necessary. And then we have a whole bunch of absolutely necessary things to do urgent. So, yeah. Right. For example, you know, there’s 15 things you were supposed to do over the last week. Right. And we’re supposed to all go do those things, but here in Oregon, it started raining this beautiful month. And so we’ve been inside and, um, rather than being able to divert that energy I’ve,


just waited and held back and held back. Now I got all these things I have to do. So you’ve created this self perpetuating cycle here if I have no control. So I just want to show you that when you, so you have this story, I don’t know if you realize this, but you have a story about your past. That’s proving this to you that structure’s out of your control and there’s this. Um, I love to set it directors out of my control because anytime anybody ever says structure, I had no say in it. And if I tried to put stay in it, I was pushed down. Okay. You’re gated James. So that is a story from your past that you’re using to create your reality today. It’s a story. It’s the past, it’s just a circumstance. It happened. And you’re using your thoughts about the past today to create this same reality today. What do you think about that? You know, it was funny. Like I really wanted to just be like, yeah. As the past and you know, come on April and move forward. But I did my little self coaching here just now. And I go,


no wonder. You’ve been doing that for years. Of course you have no control over structure. Yeah.


That was 99% of your life. This little tiny sliver is just this. Yeah. So notice how that story from your past, keeping it very

active today with these thoughts. Oh, for sure. Yeah. And they’re very hip, like I said, at the beginning, it’s a deeply ingrained habit in you, but now the first step is awareness. So now, you know, the beauty of our brains is that our brain wants things to be easy, which is why it creates habitual thinking. Cause that preserves our energy. So it’s telling you, well, no, structure’s bad because you’re out of control. You don’t have, you know, it’s been telling you that for years because it preserves its energy. It is a harder work, but it is what makes life fulfilling when you get to create how you think about things today. So how do you, what’s the story you want to create about structure? Because that one look what that one does to you. The story from your past makes you feel limited and controlled by outside forces, which is kind of sets you up to feel like a victim, right? Yeah. It’s very common for me. Yeah. So look how, uh, how, how you’re hurting yourself. You know, you’re just keeping yourself small. You’re keeping yourself from moving ahead because of that story, you’ve kept active in your brain for years. Oh for sure. Oh man, this right here. I can see so many things over the last couple of months where I’ve just really started feeling it and doing

other things in my life that have just started making me smaller and smaller and smaller even with my business, you know? Yeah.

I don’t,

I don’t really want to have it more customers because then I have to be more rigerous of my scheduling and make sure I respond to those emails in time when those people are asking questions, all of these other customers, they already know the ropes, so they’re easy.

Yeah. Yeah. And that’s that story from your past that keeps you small like that. So, I mean, what’s that saying? Like if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’re going to keep getting what you’ve always got. Right. That’s saying is exactly what you’re you’re you keep doing. You keep telling yourself the story about structure from your past that you created in your mind. You’re going to keep getting that. So, so let’s get you, um, first let me ask you, do you, are you ready to give that story up? Do you want to give it? Yeah. Yeah. And also also, can you see how that story actually probably served you in many ways? I mean, look at the military. My, my son, you know, he was in the Marine Corps. There’s a reason they have structure because I mean, you could see how it serves. If you have a unit of 2000 guys, they have to have rigorous structure. So you can see how it, you

in many areas of your life. Yes. Having someone else forced their structure upon you, it’s served you when you choose to be in the military. It’s the only choice, right? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I don’t know how many times in my life where I was like, I didn’t do this. You know, that guy made that decision or yeah. You know, Hey, I didn’t say we had to work Saturdays. It was that guy that send me work Saturdays. You know, even if I was the foreman, it was never my responsibility. I didn’t ever have to take the full. Yeah. So it served you in so many ways or when you’re working on roads in Alaska, everyone better be doing what the foreman says or you’ve got major problems. Right. Right. So this story has served you in your past, but it sounds like you’ve outgrown it now.

You don’t need that story run in your life anymore. No, that story doesn’t help my life right now. Yeah. So what I love to do is I love to create my current reality. I want to create my life based on my future. What do I want? So what story do you want to tell yourself? So what you’ve been feeling, when you think of structure on the farm, you feel like something outside of you is controlling you. There’s no freedom. You feel limited, which keeps you stuck, not completing projects, but you know, logically that structure works. So when you think of structure in your life now in order to get the results you want, how do you want to feel? Let me tear this off while you do that. I think I want to feel secure, peaceful. Um, okay. Secure. Well, here’s what, here’s what we’re getting at. That all emotions drive our actions, the actions you’re going to want. You’re going to want to follow your schedule, your structure for sure. I’m going to, for sure. I started one of my actions. I would want to follow my schedule.


Be committed to myself. Yes. If I priorities more,

I think that’s just the biggest one. Right there is just being committed to myself. Okay. So if you were committed, if you felt that’s a feeling, if you felt committed to follow through on your schedule, what would you be thinking about structure? You wouldn’t be thinking, Oh, that’s some outside person telling me what to do again, you wouldn’t be thinking that if you felt committed, what would you be thinking about structure that’s, uh, that you want to, that will help you aid you in doing it. Having a structured life gives me more time, I think. And what does more time mean? It means that my brain gets to rest. I get to rest, um, a full rest, not a rest where I snuck it in reading a book or taking a nap, a full rest where I’m not getting up and beating myself up. Like it’s a vacation, you know? Yeah. Okay. Having structure gives me more time and freedom. Okay.

Structure gives me more time and freedom. And I want to put in a word cause you rest was a big thing to you. Like right now you’re not feeling rested for sure. It’s like, I want to put a word in here, like an ease, you know? Cause ease. If you do these things with ease, you’re rested. So it kind of presumes that when you think this, so Hey, we need some structure on the farm. I’m no longer going to create structure based on thoughts from the past. I’m going to create my own thoughts about it. Oh, structure gives me more time and freedom and ease. How do you feel? Does that bring up commitment or what it does a little bit. It brings up commitment. It makes me feel in control. I get in control knowing that, you know, I can set my schedule and follow through. I have so much more control of what’s going on in my life in control or I’m in control. You feel in control now we didn’t even set it up this way, but I want you to notice that this is the exact opposite of the emotion you were feeling before.


Right. Which is hard to do right out of the gate. Right? Like when we’re trying to flip flop and the change, we didn’t get you a new strategy. We got you. The only thing you changed is your thought this I, what? I just want everyone to know how powerful your thoughts are. She had a thought, made her feel out of control and she’s not getting anything done. So we just worked up a new thought based on what you became aware of. What’s going on in your brain structure gives me time, freedom and ease. You feel in control when you feel in control. What do you do about your structure? Oh, if everything becomes really simple. I, um, I set up, yeah. I set times. I give myself time set schedule, um, by giving yourself time, you mean, um, rest time, personal time, personal time, rest time.

There’s no time. Which is the self care piece. So you set your schedule, you schedule your personal time when you feel in control and it’s time to shift to the next activity. What do you do? I get up and do it. Um, I stop what I’m doing and start the next project. Just like I would, if I was working at a job and my boss said, all right, next, next project. So you move to the next project with ease the way it wasn’t like someone outside of you cracking a whip. It’s like, you felt committed to move on to the thing. Right? I know that in order to accomplish the goals I need to accomplish, I have to do these little tasks to get them done. Yeah. Or you get to do these little tasks. I get to do these. I do. I guess I don’t have to be in Alaska building ice roads anymore in the middle of the winter.

I get to go all hay to my cows. And what are your thoughts about yourself when you’re feeling in control? You’re moving with these between projects that you scheduled. What are your thoughts about your what’s going on in your head about yourself? Your self-talk just very forgivable, um, you know, curiosity, you know, why would I do that? Why would I say that that’s silly way more thought processing on the fact of like that toddler inside my brain is saying, I don’t want to, I don’t need to. And instead of following through or giving into that, I’m able to be like, Oh, I see you. I understand, you know, all of those things that we talk about, compassion and forgiving again, the exact opposite of beating yourself up, telling yourself, why are you doing that? You shouldn’t be doing that. So the exact opposite and the result of this is you look at the result when you do these things is you have more time life. You’ve created a life of ease where you get things done,


of ease. You get things done in a timely manner projects. Aren’t backing up. So I just want you to notice we’ve we haven’t changed anything except how you think about structure. So you start out with structure, you’ve chosen a new thought from your future. Cause you’re ready to retire. Those stories from your past. A new thought is, Oh, structure gives me more time and freedom and ease. You feel in control. And because our feelings drive our actions, you, it’s very simple. It’s all laid out before you. It’s easy for you to set a schedule. It’s easy for you to build in personal time. So you’re not. So you have that rest and that ease when it’s time to move to the next project, because you created the schedule to do that. You do that with ease. If you make a mistake, if you go out of order, if you take too long, if you break something you’re very forgiving and self compassionate.

And the result of this is you’ve created this life of ease, where things get done in a timely structured manner. And you have lots of rest and freedom and time. Yes. So what do you think of that? I think it’s amazing just because I can see it happening in my life already. Just where before getting coached by you, I couldn’t even see where ease would even exist in my life. And this word is something that I I’m excited because I can see it now. Like I can easily get up in the morning and go milk and I can easily do the things that I need to do. And it’s neat to be able to see that I was, I was fighting that and yet, and part of that is you can, you can trust yourself that you’re going to feel compassionate and forgiveness for yourself if you mess up too, because that’s part of it, right?

Like before having that thought of being out of control, that I just constantly beating up on myself. It’s like a pit bull. It just goes and it keeps going and it won’t stop. You know, and this right here is, you know, Hey, if we just keep working at it, working at it, only done this little tiny slivery you’ve spent your whole life over here, having somebody else control it, give yourself a break. It’s all right. Keep trying. It’s a new season of life. You don’t have to live that way anymore. And the other thing I want to point out too, by doing this work, we just did this process kind of the before and after process, you, you still get your farm things done. And this is, this applies to everyone in our lives. We still get the things

done, but it’s a matter of, we get them done instead of beating ourselves up and shaming ourselves and feeling bad and overworked and super tired and stressed and overwhelmed. And the end result is we got the projects done most of them, but we felt terrible doing it. The difference between that and taking a look at your thoughts here is you still get all your farm projects done in a timely manner with great ease. You feel amazing. You are so compassionate and all of those wonderful feelings transfer outward to how you treat other people, your customers, your animals, your family, your boyfriend, everybody. So you’ve, you’ve totally recreated your life. You still have the same farm, the same business, the same family, the same everything. But by changing one thought in your brain, you’ve transformed your whole life. It’s going to be such a much more easy, simple, fulfilling life. You know,

it is, it is. And this coaching has allowed me to see that, Oh man, I’m so glad I did it with you. Just thank you. Going from angry and scared of my customers and hurt by my customers and having to feed my cows and et cetera, et cetera to, I get to feed my animals. I get to be here. This is the dream I built. Yeah. And I get to actually enjoy it. Yeah. That is a miracle. You’re

welcome. I just want to thank you for putting yourself out there. We’ve worked in private for many months and I appreciate you being willing to do this publicly. It helps so many people. The emails I get afterward of, Oh my gosh. I watched April or whomever. It was get coached and it helped me see what I’m doing wrong in my own life. That’s causing me terrible problems or feelings or, you know, I’m always thinking my customers are out to get me too. So yeah. I just want to thank you for putting yourself out there and being here. And then, um, I’m going to wrap it up. Do you have any, so, so let me give you one little piece of advice. You, and this is for everyone. Those, when you discover those habitual thoughts that are causing you, the feelings that are holding you back like victim and all that, when you discover them and you’ve been having them for years or decades, they’re deeply ingrained.

So this is something that you’re going to have to PR this is your work, practicing this new thought. And my best advice for you and everyone is our minds are mostly empty. They’re they’re the, emptiest in the morning, first thing in the morning. So after you wake up, if you can find time to get quiet and do whatever you guys do, everyone has their own, um, morning practice that’s but looks a little different. But one of the parts of your morning practice is practice. The thoughts you want to think to create the feelings you need to drive the actions you want to take during the day to get the results you want in life. That is 100% in your control when you practice it. Otherwise the habitual thoughts you’ll wake up tomorrow and there’s that same negative side holding you back. So this is your intentional thought that you want to practice going forward. Structure gives me more time, freedom, and ease to feel in control and live your life the way you want to live it and feel fulfilled. So, so that’s your work is practicing that. So it becomes habitual. Love it. I can’t wait. Good. Okay. Well I think, I think that’s a good note to end on. What do you think? I think it’s wonderful if this is going to be great, Charlotte. You’re so welcome. Thanks for being here. I always love seeing you. All right. Take care. Have a wonderful day. Bye. Thanks, bye.

Thank you so much for tuning into today’s episode for more great resources, check out the profitable mindset.com. See you next time.



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