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#28: How to Retain New Customers After the Pandemic is Over


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I’ve heard a lot of farmers recently say things like, “I hope all these customers that are buying from us right now remember us when this pandemic is over.”

Part of me is so happy to hear that farmers are finally selling out of their farm-fresh products and the other part of me cringes when I hear, “I hope these customers come back…”

I cringe because I hear the word “hope” and think we can’t “hope” for customers. We have to work our tails off to ensure they come back.

But I know most farmers will think, “Yeah Charlotte’s, that’s nice, but how?”

Well, I have a few simple ways you can practically guarantee that customers will come back after this pandemic is over.

And I share it all on this week’s Profitable Mindset Podcast here

How to Retain New Customers After the Pandemic is Over

If you’re looking for 3 simple steps that will ensure customers come back after season after season and remember your farm, you’ll want to take what I tell you next very seriously.

People who build profitable farms don’t just get lucky when 80% of their customers return – they intentionally make it happen.

Step 1: Belief

If you come from a place of negativity or from a place of “this will never work” your belief system is off.

If you think, “once the store shelves are fully stocked again, customers will disappear and never return.”

Thinking this way and “hoping” that customers will come back will only hurt your chances of retaining customers.

A strong belief leads to a strong thought.

A strong thought leads to a strong emotion.

A strong emotion leads to action.

A strong action leads us to our dreams.

A dream that you can retire your spouse and make a full-time living off your farm.

A dream that you’ve wanted your entire life.

It all starts with your beliefs and if you believe new customers will return to your farm after this craziness is over.

That will drive your actions to build relationships and maintain a consistent connection with your new customers.

So I highly recommend you take the time to believe that customers will return. Every single one of them once you follow the next 2 steps.

PRO TIP: Get a good email address from every single customer that buys from you — from now on — from now until the cows come home.

Step 2: Email

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time you’ll know that sending your customer’s consistent email is an absolute must.

Email is the tool to maintain connection and loyalty with your customers no matter what, in good times and in bad, email is still the number one tool you’ve got to use.

So what I want you to do after this new customer bought from you is within 48 hours send them a personal email.

Make this connection personal and real. Thank them for coming out and share a little something you enjoyed about meeting them.

I did this for years to every customer and it made a huge difference in the longevity of my business.

It was a game-changer and no other farmer or business for that matter was practicing this.

The personal connection you’ll create here will last a lifetime and will nearly guarantee customers will return season after season and long after this pandemic is over. 

Step 3: Consistent Connection

Consistent and personal connection with every customer will almost guarantee they’ll return again and again.

When you’re sending emails to customers what’s the right amount?

What’s too much?

What’s not enough?

If you send too many emails customers will ignore you and if you send too little they’ll forget about you almost immediately.

So what’s the magic number?

Well, for me, it was to send an email every 2 weeks.

It was all I could handle in the beginning and for years it served my customers well.

And sometimes it was more if I was selling Thanksgiving Turkeys or hosting summer camp but throughout the year, it was every other week.

Consistency is key here.

Make the commitment to yourself and your customers to send them an email every 2 weeks — you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how many customers come back season-after-season. 

There you have it. Three simple steps to retain new customers come back well after this pandemic is over.

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