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#018: How to Stop Worrying About the Farm

  • If it snows, no one will come to the farm and we won’t make money.
  • Should we sell at the farmers market or invest in an on-site farm store?
  • Should I take credit cards or cash only?
  • How much do I charge? 
  • If I increase my prices, will I lose all my customers?
  • Worry — It’s something we all experience and oftentimes, daily.

You have real concerns and real feelings.

But is all this worry and stress really necessary?

Does it serve a purpose and help us to make better decisions?

The answer will surprise you.

Today’s episode of the Profitable Mindset Podcast, you’ll discover how to stop worrying about the little things and start focusing on what’s important.

Listen to the episode here.

How to stop worrying about the little things and what you can do about it

I’ll give you the keys to handle worrisome situations and what you can do to decrease the impact on your daily life.

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  • Jill Sobel November 29, 2019, 9:35 am

    OMG this podcast, my first time listening, saved my day today. I have a goat farm that I lease land for – the worry has been constant on finances, care for goats, safety in this weather etc. I worry, worry, worry! And it literally makes me sick. My goats are not on my property so I never know what is happening. Constant anxiety and worries about my farm asss well my kiddo away at college. I cried throughout it. The weather as you spoke is my WORST worry which of course no one can control. I could fill pages with my worries, thank you. I don’t think I have ever heard anyone speak to this issue on farrming as much as you did. Thank you!!! Jill

    • Charlotte November 29, 2019, 1:06 pm

      Glad this hit home for you, Jill. I hope you’ll try the steps for some relief!! And not just once, try to do them every day and you’ll start to feel better and better.

      Thank you for listening 🙂


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