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#014: Why Selling on Social Media No Longer Works

Is your social media “reach” down?

Is no one buying on Facebook like they used to?

Do you really need to be blogging?

Is it necessary to have a website in this day and age?

The social landscape of Facebook and Instagram have drastically changed in the past several years and “things aren’t what they used to be.”

The days of posting on social media and actually having all your friends see it are long gone.

Today, you’re lucky if 6 or 7 friends see a post.

With all the changes occurring on social media, farmers are getting frustrated.

How do I Find Customers?

They don’t know where to put their time and attention.





On today’s episode of Profitable Mindset, we’ll talk about what you can do and where you should be focusing your time when it comes to marketing.

Yes, social media has its place in marketing, but when it comes to selling and making money, Facebook and IG are the last place you want to go.

Find out why…

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Listener Spotlight

“Charlotte and the principals she teaches are exactly what I need to take my business from a hobby to a lifestyle. My life goal is to save my family farm and pass that lifestyle to my children. I have a degree in Ag. Business and I would trade it for just this practical information!” — GlennaD

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  • Bryan E Russell October 3, 2019, 8:02 am

    Direct mail is still alot of value to me as I control its timing and cost, not Google or Facebook. Also, I know exactly who has a septic system because of public records so I can targeted them directly. Google and Facebook is not the future as to me they have just become the Yellow Pages of old

    • Charlotte October 3, 2019, 8:27 am

      You nailed it! Thanks for being here, Bryan.

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