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#009 How to Price Your Farm Products for Profit (Part 1)

Pricing your products for profit can be stressful. If you charge too much, customers will leave or worse, they’ll never buy from you in the first place.

So you…

You go to a farmers market.
You walk around noticing that the “other farmer” is charging $3.00 for a carton of eggs.

You go back to your table and charge $0.50 less.
You want to stay competitive, right?

You don’t want to scare people away by charging double for the same product, right?

But — this type of thinking will put you out of business sooner than later.

Today on the Profitable Mindset Podcast, I’m sharing the strategies you need to price your farm products for profit.

I’m giving you the formula and outline for calculating expenses and what exactly you need to include when it comes to pricing.

A lot of farmers get this wrong, but not you, you’re not the “other farmer.”
You’re smarter than that.

You want to succeed at growing your farm business and you’re ready to take the steps to make it happen.

Listen, regardless of what you’re charging now, you can increase your prices and most likely you won’t lose one customer in the process.

It’s possible and lots of farmers I teach are successful with pricing products for profit. You will be too, I can feel it.

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Listener Spotlight

Thank you for the gift of your experience. I’m running a messy money-sucking farm business that my husband’s full-time job pays for. I’m delighted that Charlotte started this podcast and I’m learning from her experience. I want this farm to succeed and be a heritage for my children. With Charlotte’s wisdom and teaching, I have faith that I will bring it into the black again. — Navy wife mom x3

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